Saturday, May 18, 2024

Early blocking and choreography rehearsal

We're in the preliminary stages of mounting the BANNED show now. Fortunately, we're at the same venue in Edinburgh as last year and we have all the basic dimensions of the stage and understand the subtle nuances of our theater's footprint. It feels like we're more comfortable locking our moves in this year, but early rehearsals always seem to go through scheduling conflicts.

Here's a short video of the first chorus.

It's important to take videos of your rehearsals so everyone in the troupe can review the progress. Typically, directors start with scene 1 and go from there so it's easy to setup a secure video directory with straight forward filenames. The song "The World Wide Web" is near the beginning of the show and it's all hands on deck. Everyone in the cast has a "mobile phone" and can be seen texting online throughout the song.