Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Quad Rail Boards for the Edinburgh Fringe

With over one million people visiting Edinburgh’s festivals during August, outdoor posters are part of many participant’s marketing campaign toolbox. Working in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council, Out of Hand, a major outdoor advertiser, have built a wide range of highly visible, centrally located advertising sites throughout the city for Fringe performers to promote their shows.
BANNED Quad Rail Board Mockup
Their sites are positioned for maximum visibility around the Fringe performance areas, with sites outside the main venues, busy pedestrian walkways, main traffic routes and transport hubs. With over twenty different formats, there is something for all budgets and sizes of show to make a real impact on the streets of Edinburgh during.
BANNED Rail Board Concept
Their properties go real fast though, so you have to be ready for the kickoff in March. They launched there availability at noon in Scotland (6AM in Colorado) on March 26th. We had already gone through their media package beforehand and selected the best options for us. Their site opened right on time and after getting acclimated with there latest software we were able to secure several Quad Rail Boards right in the thick of things around Edinburgh.